Established in 1997, Amse Marketing Enterprises Pte Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of high quality products

such as laboratory glass wares, hydrometers, thermometers, lab ware items and a lot more. We provide products coming from well-trusted and prominent brands in the industry like Amarell, Chemplex, Premier Lab Supply, and DC Scientific Glass, Inc. Our passion and dedication in providing the most comprehensive range of products to our valued customers gave us undisputable reputation to different industry sectors. We are well-known for our innovative and high quality products which effectively meets diverse client’s demands. Using the competence and knowledge we gained all through the years in this field of industry, we will continuously offer high performance yet cost-effective products to constantly meet or even exceed the expectation of every customer.


  • Laboratory Glass Wares
  • Petroleum Testing Consumables
  • Draft Survey Hydrometers
  • Density / SG Hydrometers
  • Chemplex XRF Thin Film & Sample Cups
  • ASTMP / IP Thermometers
  • XRF Sample Preparation, Consumables, Accessories & Lab Ware Items